Feb 20, 2011

Project Monster Munchies - Page Ten!

Yay! I've been waiting for this chance to show off our new "baby monsters". We're calling them Cuddle Monsters for now, in lieu of a better title... They are crinkly, multi-textural baby play things. :D I use low-pile fur, dimple-dot minky, contrasting cotton prints, ribbons, hook and loop (also known as Velcro), vinyl and other interesting and stimulating fabrics to entertain babies! Or, maybe it’s just the crinkly sound that comes from re-cycled plastic bags inside them (with no less than fifteen 1” air holes cut in to prevent suffocation hazard). Either way.. Fun to make, fun for kids!

These will not be available online, only at the Lees Summit Saturday Market! :)

Ten baby monsters
Hear a noise

Get upset
And eat their toys!

* You may recognize three of these guys from earlier this week - our goal was to make a total of just -ten- of these guys to see how they sold at the market,  though we may make more depending on the web-response. :)


  1. I would love to buy some of these for my baby! Also if you would like someone to test them out for you! ;)
    I also have a blog!

  2. I have a four month old muncher waiting just as patiently as he can for these to be available online!!



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