Oct 1, 2014

October Creative Daily Prompts

#creativedaily - the first photo challenge geared directly towards creatives & makers. The prompts force makers to think of creative ways to tell their story, share their indie biz journey as well as share their life and processes through daily photo uploads & bits of text, encouraging them to fill each and every day with a little bit of creativity, while fostering creative community & new friendships through social media. If you miss a day or few, it's not big deal - this photo challenge is just for fun! 
How it works:

Each day, you upload a photo to Instagram or other social media outlets that relates to the dated prompt (for example, the 1st is "pumpkin" so you would post your interpretation of that prompt on the first, like pumpkins, pumpkin art your kid made, pumpkins spice latte, etc) and share a blurb about what the photo represents. Be sure to add the #creativedaily hashtag to group to photos with the other images from this collective.

Click the #creativedaily hashtag to find out what others are posting and make new friends by liking & commenting on their photos! 

This collective is such a fun way to make new creative friends, discover new brands and share your own story. 

This image is sized for Instagram! Feel free to save it & share the prompts to spread the word & get more people involved! I can't wait to see what you post!

Which prompt do you have a great idea for already? 

Sep 29, 2014

Monday Monster Round-Up

Here's a peek at what I made this week - it's not much, this week was a doozy:

I turned this stack....

Into cute oversized monster totes! I regret not getting pictures of all of the totes before I dropped them off at Greener Life Market in Lees Summit, MO. But I do have a few left I'll be adding to my shop soon. ;)

Now that things are settling down here, after a crazy week & even busier weekend, I'm super pumped for this coming week & have lots of monsters cut out all ready to be sewn and dates booked with my assistant to get.things.DONE. this week! So expect lots of cute monster WIP pics on Instagram & if you haven't yet, sign up for exclusive first looks at new listings so when these cuties hit the shop you can be sure to grab yours before they sell out!

Sep 26, 2014

Books for Boys - Thomas and the Dragon Queen

It is really hard to find decent books for boys that aren't gross (Like, Captain Underpants & The Bionic Booger Boy? Ew) so I thought I would start a series on books for boys that we discover & love! My son loves to read & is an advanced reader reading on an almost 6th grade reading level (he's in 3rd grade) so we read lots and lots of books here every week & go to the library regularly, plus he gets two books from the school library every week.

Gauge has a distaste for chapter books in favor of non-fiction science, nature, animal, or weird fact books. Really, he can quote every page of his Kids World Records book. And will tell you any chance he gets that he read about *insert anything here* in a book and the book said that *interest several interesting facts here* and goodness help you if you say your dogs nose is wet because he will quickly inform you that no, dog's noses don't produce moisture, dogs noses are actually dry and are only moist because they lick them - and that is the sort of things he loves to read about & gets really excited about. 

And that is why I was so surprised by how much he adored this book!

I recently picked this cute book up from a leave one, take one free library based solely on the fact I wanted to read it (Who doesn't love a good fairy tale?) and also, I hoped my son would like to read it as well. It's about a tiny squire who has to rescue a princess from a fearsome dragon queen - a story about bravery & courage & tiny little boys doing very big things.

My son dove right into this book! This is the first fiction chapter book that has totally engrossed my son and gotten him excited to see where the story goes & talking about a book's story and what he hopes happens rather than just reciting a fact he read in a book, which is why I just had to share it with you guys! Anything that gets his little imagination going makes mah heart happy!

The art in this book is just delightful & I think may be part of the reason Gauge enjoys it so much! He says what he enjoys about the story is that the squire is little, like he is, and goes on grand adventures & that he likes him because he is always brave even if he is little, plus he is training to be a knight, and how cool is that? (I love how my son talks about stories - I need to find more books like this one!)

It has what I consider great vocabulary words for elementary school aged children - my son's favorite new words from this book are: ridicule, groggily, liege, precaution and conspirator. He loves finding new ways to use them in sentences & loves telling people all about the new words he's learned from this story and what they mean. The story is well written for young readers & exciting from the very first chapter - my son read 90 pages in his first sitting with this book!

I'd highly recommend this book for young boys (and girls!) who love a good tale of a brave little hero going on grand adventures! I think kids, say, 8 to 12 would most enjoy this book, younger readers may need some assistance with the larger words & meaning of some phrases.

Has your kiddo read any good books lately? Share them in the comments - I'm always looking for book recommendations!

Sep 24, 2014

{almost} Wordless Wednesday

Last night I went to Hey Paul's Eat Drink Stitch event. So. Much. Fun! Good food, great craft beer  & learning a new craft? Perfect girl's night out with Mel & Kel! Pics to prove the awesomeness of this fun event:

Sep 22, 2014

Monday Monster Round-Up

Last week was a doozy - lots of doctors appointments, soccer practices, first soccer game of the season, a brief virus. I took several days off last week & feel like I need to take several more off this week to recover from last week, haha!

Here is a peek at what I did get finished over the last week, some cutie mini monsters in various stages of production:

Four cuties I finished up last night waiting to be stuffed!
Five cuties ready to be sewn shut!
Four more cuties all finished up!
Which one of these mini cuties is your favorite?


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