Feb 26, 2011

Project Monster Munchies - Page Twelve!

I have some of the monsters from this installment already listed online in our store -

Twelve tall monsters
At the dance


Drink some punch
And eat their pants!
I had a lot of fun working on this installment - I love making Mon-stors. Especially these smaller ones. I wish I had thought it up when my kidlet was younger, and I needed a nifty bag to hang in the car where I could stuff a change of clothes for him. But it makes me happy to know I make them now, and that everyone in need of a little extra storage can do it the fun way - by having a monster eat their stuff! I'm so thrilled every day with my choice to drop my conventional job and focus on doing something I love. It's so fantastic to have a job I am proud of, not some dreary title I mumble under my breath when people ask me what kind of work I do. I do something wonderful - I give people a reason to smile. And here are 12 more reasons to smile. :)

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