Feb 4, 2011

Studio upgrade.

I've been so busy with Project Monster Munchies that I haven't had much time to sit down and write, but I have some exciting news to share so I'm squeezing in some computer time. :)

Drum roll, please!


There has been an addition of a second sewing table and sewing machine to my studio. :D

But, I clearly can't man two machines at once, so I guess you are wondering why the addition, eh? Well, you see, it's not for me to use. It is for my friend, Jess. Or should I say, my protegè, a clever crafter companion to join me for long stretches in the studio. I have such big plans for the future of Lu and Ed, it seemed like it was definitely time to add an occasional helping hand to prepare for the coming months of pretty much endless sewing, stuffing and selling, so I won't get bogged down trying to keep up with the Lees Summit Saturday Market and keeping the shop stocked and keep the turn around for customs around two weeks. Jess started in the studio Sunday night and got snowed in with us for four days, so she got took the expedited monster making course and helped me come up with a new, hand drawn business card design that is absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to get them printed so I can show them off. It's just amazing how many new doors I have opened with the addition of some part time help.

But somehow, it all seems a little ludicrous. I mean, what is going on?  Less than two years ago I set down at a sewing machine with an idea, and now that idea has grown into a giant fluffy monster (pardon the pun). The more I feed it, the more it grows, and the larger it grows, the farther it travels!  I knew this meant that I could easily become frazzled and overwhelmed with the keeping up with demand, and now I'm teaching Jess the ways of the monster trade, and watching the giant fluffy monster I dreamed up grow even larger and begin the most wonderful adventures yet! It is terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I have never done any thing this BIG before. This is growing way bigger than me and though it's strange to have a second person in my studio with me, it's energizing and inspiring, and has already pulled my creativity in new directions. I can't wait to see where this adventure takes me and my monsters (and my protegè) in the coming months!

Oh, and talk about perfect timing and some mind-link weirdness - when I contacted Jess to ask if she's like to help me out, she said was about to contact me to see if she could bring her machine over to learn to sew monsters. :D So clearly it was meant to happen. ;)



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