Mar 29, 2011

Upcoming craft show!

Finally finished the banners for my display! These will look great against black table cloths. I'm glad I saved all the scraps from other projects. 

The next show I will be at is Alpacas For Autism Spring Fling. You can learn more about this event by following this link which will take you to the Facebook event page for the show.

Alpacas for Autism will be held in the Marriot of Overland Park, KS. There will be a special appearance by "I Don't Want to Kiss a Llama" author Byron von Rosenberg (at 1pm) in addition to live music, shopping, crafts and activities for children. I'm really excited to be in this event, and I'm donating a Mon-stor for the raffle! We will also be donating a portion of sales to Camp Encourage, an over night camp for children on the Autism spectrum to help them with social growth and independence located in the Greater Kansas City area. I encourage you to follow the link and learn more about their unique program, and share the Alpacas for Autism Spring Fling link as well! I am super stoked for this event. 

I want to say, Tina, the organizer of Alpacas for Autism Spring Fling, was my first ever customer at a craft show. She bought a quirky orange stuffed monster for her son, the first stuffie I ever made, because it reminded her of a picture her son would have drawn. ♥ It was a birthday gift to him. It warmed my heart to know that my silly little monster had struck a heart string as a gift, and inspired me to keep participating in shows even though my first year of craft shows kind of sucked. I know the market better now, and have a few events planned for this summer I am sure will be hits, including one I am helping organize to benefit the Humane Society! :D I will keep you posted on all events as dates and locations are made available! 

As for the custom orders I have right now, thank you for your patience! I've been so busy trying to prepare for Alpacas for Autism Spring Fling I've gotten a bit behind! I hope to have all orders completed and out soon! :)

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