Apr 6, 2011

Eye See.

What I learned at the craft show Sunday: I become emotionally attached to my monsters. I give them names, personalities, interests. I think of where they came from and which monsters in my studio are likely to get along. Watching them get 'adopted' and travel off to their new homes was an inspirational experience for me. And to think, they all start as just some fabric. I add creativity and love and personality. I put twinkles in their eyes and smiles on their faces. I love my job! I am so inspired to push harder and reach different venues so more people can experience monstrous joy. :D I have a meeting later this week in Leavenworth to drop off a few Mon-stors and stuffies at Scrivner's. I am beyond giddy to see my monsters hanging in a store. :D It astounds me to step back and realize that I am a small business owner, halfway successful and very happy with my life!

Monster eyes, starting out as just circles of black and white..

Add some color! Almost adorable, just a little bit more...
I (eye) can see now that this is what I want to do with my life. Maybe I'd like to upgrade into owning my own store one day to sell quirky handmade items from. But for now, this it where it's at. It brings me great joy and satisfies me. My hope is that anyone else who has this dream, to drop their day job and pursue something they love to do, will have the self-confidence to do so and the resources and support to make their dream come true!

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  1. That is one of the cutest monsters I've ever seen!




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