Apr 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day!

You may not know it,but I'm sort of a hippie and kind of obsessed with saving the Earth. And I bring that into everything I create. And being Earth Day and all, I thought I'd share a bit with you about the Lu & Ed Green Movement!

Obviously, being environmentally conscious with Lu & Ed is really important to me. I started my green movement small, by dicing fabric from each monster into tiny bits and blending it with Poly-fil before stuffing the monster - meaning no waste from our monsters going into landfills - so you can feel as good about your monster stuffie purchase as I do!! :D

Then, Jess and I began to scavenge for high quality fabrics at flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales - turning gently used materials into fun and colorful monsters!

All three of these monsters were made from one pink fleece blanket found at a thrift store!

Repurposing a shirt, blanket or yardage of fabric, to me, means I'm not buying bulk-made fabrics that are processed in high energy production plants, then shipped to distribution plants which then repackage and deliver to individual stores - which translates to my hippie ears as a lot of energy usage, fumes, and packaging waste. So, though I still shop for new fabrics regularly, every thrifted and repurposed find does a little bit of good to Mother Earth! :)

My most recent efforts to reduce waste is perhaps my most favorite yet - turning cardboard food boxes into shipping boxes for monsters! This cut shipping costs for a wee little baby monster from $5.95 to just $1.39 in most cases! Amazing savings for buyers! And it's giving a new life to an existing box (which I hope they are getting recycled when they arrive at their destinations! ^_-  ).

Every day I try to find new ways to make a smaller impact on Earth. Reusable bags when I go shopping for materials, putting my sewing machine by the window so I don't have to use the overhead lights during the day, small little things like that, over time, will make a positive impact and I hope inspire other crafters to make green choices for their businesses as well!

What green efforts have you made this year?

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