Apr 19, 2011

I ♥♥♥ Fan Photos!

♥ Much love to Melanie for sharing some photos of her monster collection with me last night! :D I love to see the monsters I made in their new homes, and the people who adopted them enjoying them! It gives me inspiration and drive to keep pounding monsters out!

Melanie's custom ordered car trash monster! Lined with vinyl so it's easy to wipe out!

Melanie's first two monstors from me, nomming up their recently adopted monster stuffie friends! ♥ She set the record for buying that orange monster within 8 minutes of me listing it! :D

Her latest Mon-stor with a mouthful of extra monster goodies!

And here is her beautiful, lovely, wonderful latest addition, Alaina! She's just a few weeks old! You can read her amazing home water birth story here. It's so inspiring. Oh! And, though you can't tell in this picture, but she's is lamenting how much she loves her new monsters to play with and how cozy the quilt I sent along is! ♥ Hehe!

If you have some fan photos you'd like to share (because I seriously, really, honestly would love to see them!) email them to me at LuandEdCreations@yahoo.com!

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