Jun 5, 2011

Sweat and hard work

I'm probably only sweating because the computer is in the HOTTEST room in our house, but my sewing machine is making my most favorite pass time a complete chore today.

I haven't had much time to work on monsters lately. I've been so busy preparing for Daft Crafts, answering emails, shopping for displays, that there just hasn't been time! I sat down today planning to at least fill a few orders, and so started the complication. First my bobbin was acting all wonky. A few time rethreading it, then reloading it, finally got it back on track and working. Then my feeder dogs started bunching the fleece up. Once I resolved that, I started having issues with the thread getting caught in the cotton layer of the monster I was working on. >.< That turned out to be a tiny piece of thread caught in the bobbin cage.

I couldn't take it anymore and decided to take apart the machine, clean it, oil it and rethread it. Working like a beaut now. :)

So, back to my most favorite pass time! :) Making monsters to spread the colorful love all over the world! ♥ I have a few custom slots open if anyone is interested. Shoot me an email to LuandEdCreations@yahoo.com with the word CUSTOM in the title!

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