Oct 2, 2011

And the winner of Ralph is....

First off, thank you guys so much for your participation in this raffle! We were able to raise $110 for Camp Encourage! FANTASTIC! You guys seriously rock so much! Thank you all for your donations and support. It's been such an honor working with this organization, and we had a blast at Alpacas for Autism's Fall Festival we attended this weekend in Adrian. Here are a few pictures from the event that I thought you guys might like! ^_^

Jules manning the Daft Crafts/Lu & Ed booth!

Some info about Alpacas

View of the pastures!
Feeding the alpacas!

I love their hair 'dos!


And here is the part you've been waiting on.. The winner of this guy!

And here is the name my lovely fiance, Trace, drew at random while blindfolded... duh-duh-dun! 

Congratulations, Becca! I will be mailing our Ralph tomorrow!! ^_^ Yippie!

Also, a ginormous thank you is in order to all of our fans who made donations! ♥

Thank you to:

Lisa Y
John B
Jaime R
Kayla K
Katie K
Leighann M
Abby N
Megean K
Roni B
Norma D
Lu H
Danielle M
Becca B

Thank you all so much for your donations! You guys all rock so much! And to celebrate what a great success this raffle was, use code "Alpaca" anytime before Oct. 31st to get 10% off your purchase!

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  1. Oh my word. I look quite amazing in that picture, I must say.



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