Apr 20, 2012

Fan Mail Friday!

Oh hai guys! The past two weeks have been crazy busy - if you follow me on Facebook you know that I was doing a live in nanny job last week for four kids. It was a total blast! :) I am doing it again next week, for three short days. Kids are fun. :) While I was there gettin' my nanny on, I unfortunately got super sick. Fever, headache, congestion, cough, sore throat. Ugh! It was awful! I am just getting over the end of it, lots of drainage and nastiness. This week I have been really busy with the new foster program at Daft Crafts, getting ready for our big reverse tie dye event, and working up the nerve to do a super huge announcement for all my fans. I think I will air that next week, along with a radical surprise for all of you! :)

I have been sewing in what little bit of free time I have. I have a camo Mon-stor for a friend almost finished, and a green spotted one to list in my store almost complete, just needs an eye! :D I am going to be scaling back hours at the shop soon and really get cracking on stocking! I miss sewing all day, every day. This year has thrown me so many curve balls, illnesses and losses, and so many positives, including the great growth of Daft Crafts, house hunting and my son's first year of kindergarten, plus so many more great things.

I am ready for things to calm down, and focus on my art and monsters again, though. I can only take so much craziness.

Though I don't have lots of new monsters to show off this week, I wanted to share some fan photos! :) Enjoy, y'all!

From Mrs. Curtains (isn't this kid the cutest!? I LOVE her glasses!):

Showing off her Mon-stor!
 From Heidi, this is the beautiful Miss Z and her two monster friends:
Z showing off her two monster friends, Quigley and Libby!

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