May 4, 2012

Fan Mail Friday

I know I have said it before, but I absolutely love to get fan mail! ♥  I got this email from Melissa T. this week- along with these awesome action shots of their new Mon-stors! ♥

"I LOVE all your creations!! I want all of them that you post!! It must be hard to let them go! :)
My niece has a Birthday, June 1st  so I'm ordering another mon-stor as part of her gift! She'll love it!! And of course I'll have to keep ordering until all my nieces and nephew's have one ;)
Thanks for making such an adorable product!"

Stuffed with goodies for Easter!

With their new Mon-stors! :)

Thanks for sharing with us, Melissa! ♥  I hope your niece loves her new Mon-stor! It's on it's way to her right now!

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