May 24, 2012

Happy News. :)

Today marks the last day of school. The last day for my son to be a kindergartner. The last day this year I have to explain why we brush our hair before school. The last day this year we have to spend 20 minutes searching for socks for gym class. The last day I will ever walk him to school and send him in to the kindergarten hallway. *sniffle*

Here is a picture from his very first day of school... He picked out his outfit this day and insisted on taking his teacher an apple because "that's just what you are supposed to do, okay?"

And here is my little dude, pushing his way though the last-day-of-school crowd, leaving kindergarten for the last time.

His teacher gave the class each a bag of Goldfish crackers, and on the front of the package it says "You are o-FISH-ally a 1st grader!".

I'm so proud of my little guy, and I have to say, school hasn't failed him a bit, because he wasted no time pointing out that she spelled officially wrong.

Ha... I love this kid. ♥

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