Jun 30, 2012

Caturday Funnies!

It's no secret I am a cat lover. We have four - Lu, Sephie, Cammy, and Princess Meow Meow. It's also no secret I love lolcats almost as much as I love real cats. :) So - I wanted to kick your weekend off with a grin by sharing a few of my favorite lolcat photos!

(as if a cat named Princess Meow Meow isn't enough reason to grin, right?)

ALL my cats, EVERY day in my studio

Any cat, ever.

These last two aren't even lolcats, but every time I see them I laugh so I thought I would add them!

Cute AND funny

This one ALWAYS gets a belly laugh out of me!

Here is a picture of the miss Princess Meow Meow herself! Doesn't her name suit her?

Do you have pets?


  1. Love me some lolcats!

    No pets for us yet, we have the itch but know it isn't the right time. Someday :)

    1. I love our pets so much! I can't imagine life without them. The animal rescuer in me wants to save them all. lol! Trace forbid me from volunteering at the shelter when we moved. ;)

  2. laughing my butt off looking at the Caturday Funnies. I can't say which one is my fav but Princess Meow Meow is aptly named. In addition to the cat pictures, for some reason I couldn't stop laughing at the snail pic. It is good to start your day off with a good laugh! Thanks for making my morning a little brighter....

    1. :) Glad you enjoyed them! That snail one has been a long time favorite! And the horse one, oh man. The first time I saw it I woke up my fiance giggling about it ALL NIGHT - I couldn't get it out of my head for some reason. Haha!



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