Jun 10, 2012

Happy, Colorful Sunday!

Yesterday, at the final hoorah at Daft Crafts - we tie dyed shirts! One of mine and my kidlet's favorite artsy things to do.

But.... we only had huge shirts to tie dye. They didn't fit us very well. What to do... ?

Off to the studio I ran! And in just thirty minutes, I solved our jumbo shirt problem! The kidlet got a new pair of summer pajama pants...

And I got a new rainbow skirt!

I am wearing the skirt right now and it is super duper comfy - probably my new favorite! I loved turning these tee shirts into funky new pieces of clothing! Quick, easy, and unique!

I also finished a new Mon-stor today, and he sold shortly after listing him! I named him Gabos and I had so much fun working on him this weekend! :)


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