Jul 26, 2012

Answer: What is your favorite Mon-stor you ever created?

On the Ask Me post, Krystal asked: "What's your favorite Monstor you've created? How many monstor's are currently used for storage at your house?"

My most favorite Mon-stor ever would have to be Gabos.

He was created, quickly adopted by my friend Christine, and then he kind of became my mascot when doing the design process with Megean of The Individuality for my logo.

Didn't Megean do an AMAZING job turning him into a vector Mon-stor?? I am so in love with my logo and new "Team Lu & Ed" colors. ;)

Now, the second part of the question - how many Mon-stors do we use in our house?

Three in my sons room for toys, I have three in my sewing room, to hold works in progress, fabric scraps and such, and one for our entry way to put hats/gloves/mittens in during winter. So a total of seven! I also use Mon-stors waiting for adoption to hold plushes that are also awaiting adoption. So we have Mon-stors over every knob in the house! Haha! :)

The ones in my son's room are the first three Mon-stors ever created three years ago. After three years of every day use, they are still in perfect condition and nomming up toys daily!

How many Mon-stors do you have in your house? What do they hold?

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