Jul 3, 2012

Less than three weeks!

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown by since announcing our decision to move to South Carolina. We are leaving the 19th of this month! SO soon!

I suppose I should start packing, huh?

Nah... I keep pulling out the boxes, staring at all the things that should go in the boxes... And putting the boxes away. (I figure I can get away with this for at least a week before I have to actually commit to packing stuff in the boxes). While procrastinating the (eventually unavoidable) packing, I am trying to sew through as much of my fabric stash as possible before the move for two reasons. One, less fabric, less to move. Two, the more Mon-stors I can make, list, and sell = the more money to fund out move halfway across the country! ;) So do me a solid and tell your friends and family about Lu & Ed! :)

 Here is what I made the past few days! :)

Snippy - adopted!
Drim - Click to buy

Denke - Adopted within 15 minutes of listing!
Carolina - on hold for a dear friend. :)

Hanae - completed yesterday! Click to buy!
Gus - adopted

I have fabrics for three more big Mon-stors laid out in my studio floor, a shelf full of fabrics for small ones, and a stack of fabrics and fur bits  for plushes! Gonna chug another cup of coffee then head up to the studio for the day! :) Happy Tuesday!

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