Aug 7, 2012

3.5 days.

Plans changed, again, slightly. Instead of leaving the 13th, I am leaving this Saturday, the 11th, at 5am for my 991 mile journey with one kid, a dog, and my sewing machine for the East Coast.

But it's cool, I decided before I left, I would get an iPhone! Now you can follow along with my trip with pictures via instagram (lu_and_ed) or Twitter as we are on the road. I'll be updating every stop. :) Which, with a six year old and a dog, will probably be a lot.

So, since I am leaving in 3.5 days... I guess I should pack up my sewing room. It's a disaster. I mean, did get started with packing it last week. I dumped ALL the fabric from five shelves and two baskets from the closet onto the floor and sorted (keep and donate piles), folded, and tucked into baskets (organized vaguely by type). I was left with fabric bits, notions, plastic wrappers for fat packs, and those last minute packing tiny bits you just stare at and think, man, I'm whipped. I really don't want to pick that junk up.

 Then I just sort of stopped packing, because I got this weird achy feeling in my chest. I am going to miss my sunny yellow studio. I'm going to miss Missouri, and all the wonderful memories here. I am going to miss my Missouri friends. Our neighbors. I'm going to miss my mother in law and siblings in laws and all of my fiancee's extended family. Even the yappy chihuahua named Spike two houses up that always tries to attack our (much larger) dog when we walk by. I'm going to miss McCoy's (amazing chicken and fries, guys. Just amazing). I'm going to miss Lexington Ave, where I owned my first ever brick and mortar store and made the most amazing friends. I am going to miss Sabor's Latino that had the best Venezuelan and Guatemalan food ever. I am going to miss Diamond Bowl that had the most fantastic veggie burger and waffle fries in existence.

I am going to miss Trace, for the weeks we are apart until he joins us in South Carolina, which will be like torture.

But I am happy, despite the achy feeling in my chest. I am so, so, so happy that I can see my family. I have two nephews that were born after I moved to Missouri that I haven't even met yet! Can you believe that?! I have missed so much while I was away and that makes my heart hurt even more. I cannot wait to see my family this coming weekend, hug 'em, cry a bit, refuse to believe my nephew is starting middle school this year, give them monsters and hug 'em some more. Now that I know I will be seeing them in just 5 days, I feel like I miss them more than ever. I am so excited to see them, catch up, take pictures. I have no doubt in my head or heart that this move is the right thing for us, despite the ache in my chest. Missouri and all that you hold, you will be missed. South Carolina, we'll be on our way to you soon! ♥

 I can't wait to see what this move and the future holds for us! ♥ To celebrate our move and clear out inventory, I am having a big 20% off sale for 24 hours in my shop! Pop over and check it out! Discount is taken at checkout!

Have you ever moved a long distance? What was your experience like?


  1. I have moved from Kansas City to Jackson, Tennessee at 19, from Jackson, TN to Atlanta, GA. at 21, from Atlanta, GA to Madisonville, KY, 7 months pregnant, Madisonville, KY to Jackson, TN a year later at 6 months pregnant, and then from Jackson, TN home to Kansas City in a station wagon with all of our belongings, 1 4 year child, 2 darling pekingnese puppies and an old silver shaded persian cat. After 16 years I was home finally. That was 27 years ago. There truly is no place like home.

    1. Sounds like you have had many great adventures and lots of stories to tell! Thanks for sharing! You are right, there is no place like home. ♥



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