Aug 6, 2012

Kat asked...

First, let me start this by saying today, I was up at 5:30. It's not so bad... I feel like a zombie... But in exactly one week, I will be in South Carolina! It makes this new schedule worth it! ♥ I can't wait! :D

Since I am up so early and not functioning well enough to sew yet, I thought I would answer a questions on my Ask Me post (feel free to add more questions, this has been so much fun!!).

Kat asked:
Have you ever thought about trying to sell to a big chain store?

What is funny about this, is a few hours before receiving this question, I had turned down an offer for a drop ship deal for a bulk order of Mon-stors. (Drop ship means basically a site lists products, then the manufacturers ship them. It's like third party selling, you never send the seller your products, you just ship them to the buyer after they sell from the listing site). I can see how that could be beneficial, but I have no interest in selling out for lots of reasons. I'm honestly not a fan of big chain stores, and do as much of our shopping at thrift stores or independently owned businesses as possible, so it's kind of a lifestyle choice for me.

But the REAL reason is I love my customers. I love dealing with them one on one, talking to them, getting to know them, getting fan mail. I go to them for opinions (like my recent post asking if I should add trick or treat Mon-stors back to the shop this year). I love knowing what they like, what they want to see. I love letting my customers know who I am, who the person is behind the monsters. I feel like by selling out and mass-distributing Mon-stors, I lose that connection with consumers, and that connection is what makes this experience so awesome! Do you guys even realize how fantastic you all are? Seriously, I have loved getting to know everyone who has adopted a Mon-stor. Hearing the stories, who the Mon-stors are for, what they will be used for, the journeys and road trips they will go on - it really is what makes Lu & Ed so awesome. YOU are what makes Lu & Ed so awesome!

So, selling out to a big box store? It's just not where I am right now with Mon-stors, and I am not sure it is anything I will ever be interested in doing.

Kat also asked:
What is your favorite part of the monstor making process?

 All of it. :) I love it from beginning to end! 

Like I said, I have had a lot of fun answering these questions and would love to answer more! Click over to my Ask Me post and ask away!

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