Aug 13, 2012

Music Monday - Three Little Birds by Bob Marley. ♥ +an update

I need this song after the crazy weekend we have had.

So, they think the fuel pump may have gone out in our car, and that could be the reason for the engine shutting off. So they are looking into that this morning, as well as replacing the master cylinder for the brake system. I am hoping against hope that they can get it fixed up today. I am ready to be on the road to SC already! Wish us luck!


  1. Bob Marley is great for perking you up! Especially after crazy weekends. Good luck with your car troubles - they are the worst.

    1. Thanks! I listened to this song on repeat for a while this morning and it definitely improved my morale! :) They are working on the car right now, should have an update soon!

  2. Good luck, Cody. I hate car problems.



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