Oct 2, 2012

I be Franken out!

Bandtail Boutique is donating this radical Frankenstein hat for our giveaway!

How cool is that!? Pair it with a grey suit and some green face paint and you got yourself a costume! Check out Bandtail Boutique's Facebook page to keep up with all of Shannon's work - everything from crocheted hats and amigurumis (crocheted toys) to tutus, hair bows, headbands, to nature and soothing bath and body products!

Shannon has several Halloween and Autumn inspired hats, tutus, hair accessories and body products available this season, so be sure to check out her shop!

Now, let's get in the mood for Autumn! I asked all of our sponsors a few questions about Autumn and Halloween to help kickstart the festive fall spirit!

What is your favorite thing about Autumn? 
The cooler days, the leaves changing, apple picking at local apple orchards, and of course- HALLOWEEN!
What are you dressing up as for Halloween? How about your kids (if you have them)? 
I usually don't dress up anymore unless I'm going to a costume party.  I have a cute homemade t-shirt I wear and my Mickey Mouse candy corn mouse ears when I go out trick-or-treating with the kids.  My 5-almost-6-year-old daughter is having me make her a witch's tutu dress for her this year.  She fell in love with the crocheted witch's hat I made, and wanted to be a witch, instantly.  My husband and I are still deciding on what our 2-year-old will dress up as.

Do you decorate for Autumn/Halloween? How? 

Yes, but it is very minimal.  We live out in the country, so no trick-or-treaters come to our house.  I have autumn garlands I wrap around the bannister of the stairs and out on our front porch.  I have cute, bouncy pumpkin lights I place along the driveway for Halloween.  When we lived in the city, I used to go all out for Halloween including handmade headstones and fog machine.

What was your most epic Halloween costume? 

Oh, gosh, I don't know.  My mom made my costume every year, and they were always amazing! One year I was a dinosaur.  Another year, I was a cheerleader.  Another year, my sister and I were matching M & M's.  My favorite costume would have to be my Snow White costume.  I wore it several years in a row, and it made me feel so magical. :)
What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

 When I was younger, it was definitely the candy haul I got every year.  Now as an adult, it's seeing my kids dress up, and having fun.  I also like seeing all the Halloween decorations people put up- from cute to scary.  Oh, and carving jack-o-lanterns, and toasting the pumpkin seeds.  I love it all!

What is your favorite Halloween candy? 

Snickers are my ultimate favorite, but I'm one of the rare people that actually like candy corn, too.

What about Autumn/Halloween inspires you in your crafty business? 

Any one of my tutus can be incorporated into a costume, so I try to create different styles that I think would be good as costumes or just every day fun.  The cooler weather also inspires me to get my yarn out more often to create cute and functional hats and scarves to stay warm while raking leaves or picking out that perfect pumpkin.  

Now, a question for you! Are you a fan of horror movies?


  1. I LOVE horror movies!!!!!!! I am so excited that the "31 days of Halloween" has begun on the SyFy and Chiller channels!

    1. Ah! I am on a Supernatural kick right now - we don't have cable so I am making do with what's on Netflix!



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