Jan 28, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 4

Happy Monday friends! I hope you have had a positively stellar week! My son was sick for most of last week, so it was a bit chaotic and I didn't get much studio time Monday-Friday. Thankfully he is finally feeling better! He was able to go back to school today (much to his chagrin) so I have a lot of work to catch up! I also need to package orders from this weekend for a postal run. :) Thanks for all the monster adoptions, friends!

Saturday, my lovely friend Jessica came for her first day as the official Lu & Ed intern! :D We churned out three Mon-stors, hammered out a good system, did some pilates, and laughed so hard my gut hurt. In short, it was awesome, and I can only imagine more awesomeness will come from it! Here are some shots from our crafternoon together! They aren't the best quality, they were all snapped on cell phones while we worked. :)
First moments at the sewing machine!
Me conducting an 'integrity' test
Showing off her first completed Mon-stor!
Stuffing limbs with studio cat on her lap. ;)
 There's a video from Saturday too, of our Mon-stor photo shoot, but I am having trouble getting it to upload. Oh well! I will work on that and when I can get it to cooperate I will share it with you all! :) All-in-all, Saturday was a ton of fun and we got a lot of work done. I can see having an intern is really going to help up production and help me stay on top of inventory this year!

Sunday I took the entire day off and just hung out with the fam! When G was playing video games with Trace, I crept into the studio and made a monster for a swap. :) Can't wait to show him off. He came out CUTE!

And now, for the weekly round up! Here's all the Mon-stors made in the studio this week!

As always, check my shop to see what's available! :) Lots of these guys are still awaiting adoption!

Here's to another great week!

Which is your favorite Mon-stor from this week?


  1. I love this post! My ravorite is the purple. Love the Mollie Dolly/ G/ Monstor pic!!

  2. Jessica officially has the best job ever.

    1. :) I like to think she'll enjoy it!



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