Jan 18, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 1.18.13

Another week, another batch of wonderful fan photos of Mon-stors in their new homes! :D

This photo is from Jamie in TX! Looks like Ruprecht the monster's new friend has adorably crazy hair too! :) 

This adorable photo is from Paige of NC! Her little boy seems to enjoy Ignot's wild green hair!

And these shots are from Jazi, all the way from Puerto Rico! So cute! I am so happy to see Mo has such a fun playmate! :D

Darling stuff this week! :D

Do you have a Lu & Ed product? Send in an action shot! I absolutely LOVE to get fan mail! Email me, post photos to my Facebook fan page wall or message me through fan page, tweet to me - however you want to show off your Lu & Ed product being enjoyed! ♥ 



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