Feb 1, 2013

Fan Mail Friday - 2.1.13

Happy Friday friends!!! Anything fun planned for the weekend?

I am super excited to share some awesome fan mail with you today! So much cuteness!

First up we have a photo from Alicia in TX! This is her daughter with Ceeo, her new Mon-stor, on Christmas morning! So totally precious! Check out the bows from The Mollie Shop clipped to the handle - what a fun idea for bow storage! Make the Mon-stor do double duty!

Next up is a photo from Margot from Ontario, Canada! She purchased the tangerine wristlet from mine and Echoland's collaboration! She snapped this picture fresh out of the packaging and said "I'm excited to use it! Maybe a date night is in order!"

Next up we have mail from Christine in IL! She adopted Kercy and sent me a detailed list of his new job duties as her studio friend for her business, A Single Dream:
"Kercy likes his new job: In addition to approving new jewelry designs and offering words of inspiration, he also protects the bead cart.  (Lots of things could Happen.  It's an important job.)"
Sounds like Kercy is going to enjoy his new family!

Receiving these emails with photos of my products in their new home makes my heart so happy! ♥ If you have any fan photos of Lu & Ed products in action please send them my way! You can email them, Facebook them to me, Tweet 'em - whatever floats your boat!

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