Feb 8, 2013

Fan Mail Friday! 2.8.13

Happy Friday friends! I have exciting news! I just did the drawing for the giveaway! Guess who won?! Was it you?! Dying to know? Well, first I want to say a huge huge huge HUGE thank you to everyone who entered and took the time to share the giveaway! We ended up with over 3,000 entries! Thank you for making it a huge success, friends!

And now, let's give a huge congratulations to Alicia M!

Woohoo! Alicia was so excited when she found out. Her initial reaction? "SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!" Haha! I love it! :) So, Alicia will soon be the proud owner of a lovey-dovey new Mon-stor by me, a toddler size backpack by Echoland, a sweet Valentine's day Mollipops! necklace by The Mollie Shop, and a conversation heart mini sculpture from Little Green Guy! Go Team Lu & Ed! And don't worry - I am already in the planning stages of another great giveaway, guys! :) More details soon! 

So, on to the fan mail! :D Today's fan mail comes from Steph in MI! She adopted Defipo and says he eats lots of Megablocks in his new home! 

I was super busy this week and forgot to collect fan photos, so that's the only one I have for this week!

Do you have a product from Lu & Ed? Please send me action shots! I would love to see your Mon-stors in action and your stuffed friends getting hugs! You can email them to me, tweet them to me, or share them with me on Facebook!


  1. I am still in disbelief that I won! Thanks so much Lu & Ed, The Mollie Shop, EchoLand, & Little Green Guy!! I am a HUGE fan of ALL of your work!! I am so beyond thrilled to be the winner!! And my daughter doesn't realize the awesomeness that is coming her way!!! :D
    Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!

    1. Thank you for entering and always supporting our indie shops! You ROCK Alicia! :D

  2. Congrats to the winner :D Giveaways are always super fun. Sorry I didn't get to come check it out when it was in action.
    I'm also glad that things are going so well for you! Have a great weekend.



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