Mar 11, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 10

I am finally feeling better after my bout with that awful virus!

This week, I have been busy pulling everything together for the 7 Days of Color (happening all this week!) on my blog and cleaning the house up after over a week of being sick. Lots of laundry! And since I needed to deep clean, I went through all of our clothes, dishes, knick knacks and books and donated a ton of stuff. It's been great getting the house organized and cleaned up. Nothing like a freshly cleaned house to welcome Spring, right?!

This weekend I was able to make it back into my studio - with lots of hand sanitizer! - and get to work making inventory for my first show of the season, Zeleny Eco Arts Fair in Parkville, MO! It's only 19 days away (the 30th!) and I feel like I am waaaay unprepared!

Here are some shots of what's on my work table. I have some really fun fabric combos going on right now! :D

LOVE this monster print. Going to make a pillow for my couch with it!

 And here are my two latest plush! :)

So much work to do! Not to mention I am packing up four Mon-stors from my shop today to send to Little Green Guy for the grand opening of her store in Wyandotte, MI this Friday! Eek! So excited to be putting Mon-stors in Brittany's brick and mortar shop!

So that's my week in a nutshell - lots of cleaning, sewing, organizing. How has your week been?


  1. so odd to see appendages not yet attached to creatures! :)

  2. The ninja fabric is soooooo cute!!



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