Apr 1, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 13

Happy happy Monday! It's been a busy, long, magnificent week and I'm so excited to tell you all about it!

I was really busy this week pulling things together for my three year Envyversary celebration! I have over a dozen Storenvy shops participating to celebrate the awesomeness that is Storenvy.com with a huge giveaway! The giveaway will be from the 7th-13th with a brick ton of epic prizes - all going to one super duper lucky winner! Be sure you have 'liked' my Facebook page - I've been posting tons of sneak peeks over there - like this cute monster bank by Just for Littles!

And winner's choice of these awesome kids tees by Anomic Apparel!

Besides scouting for awesome shops to have participate in my Envyversary celebration, I spent most of my week in my studio, sewing up a storm in preparation for my first show of the season, Zeleny eco arts fair, which was Saturday! I was on a monster making spree! 

After a ton of prep this month, Zeleny was finally upon us! We woke up at 7am, loaded the car and headed 40 minutes out to the show! Set up was quick, thanks to doing a few mock ups the night before (though I didn't go with any of the practice set ups, haha!) and some really helpful staff. Such a great event hosted by wonderful, enthusiastic people! Here is some pictures of my booth! :)

The entire booth! :D Coloring table at the front for kids. :)
Stuffed monster central. And some Cheetos!
Corner of the table facing an aisle. Love how it looks like all of the monsters are cracking each other up in the suitcase!
Allysha from Almond Eye Creations and Desiree from Eighty Acres Art - both previous Daft Crafts vendors - were there! It was so cool to hang with them all day! The show was pretty steady so I didn't get much time away from my booth, but when I did I would pop over and say hello and share some candy or almonds. ;) I think the most fun part of the show was I had a little coloring table set up that was a huge hit with kids. It was so cool seeing how kids imagined Mon-stors - definitely have some great new ideas floating around in my head!

And now for the not so fun thing I have been debating on all week. I mentioned in on Facebook and Twitter this week I was going to have to raise my prices due to the rising cost of supplies. Polyfil last year was $5.99 a bag, now it's $8.99 where I buy it at, and felt was $2.99, and it's $4.99 now. Even my thrift store has raised the price of their materials slightly by $1-$2 an item. Unfortunately, I can't keep my current prices with the rising cost of supplies, so you'll notice a small $2 increase on each item and a $3-$5 increase for specialty fabric Mon-stors - long fur, minky, or ultra plushy fabrics because those tend to cost $3-$5 more and are much more time consuming to work with, making the new prices points as follows:

Large Mon-stors made with fleece $30
Large Mon-stors made with speciality fabrics $35
Small Mon-stors made with fleece $20
Small Mon-stors made with specialty fabrics $23
Stuffed Monsters $12

I will be loading all the Mon-stors left from Zeleny into my shop shortly with the new pricing system. I'll also be sending some new Mon-stors to LGG in Michigan to restock soon too! If you are local to Wyandotte be sure to check it out!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! 

What's your favorite kind of candy? I was so pumped to find Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans this year - they are my all time favorite candy this time of year!


  1. What a great week :)

    (Your mon-stors are still very much worth the price! My little guy woke up this morning and went to talk to Brystin before he talked to me!)

  2. Your booth looked great at Zeleny! Your display was so fun and eye catching. I must say that I think your salesmanship is wonderful. You asked the perfect question to help me decide on a purchase, and the way you greeted shoppers was friendly & inviting. I could certainly use some tips from you!

    My favorite candy is snickers eggs. yum!

    1. ♥ Thanks so much Melanie! I am glad you enjoyed my booth at Zeleny! I absolutely LOVE doing craft shows!

      I actually wrote up a ton of tips for craft shows that you can read in this post here:


  3. Love the booth and the coloring pages!!! My fav candy is jellybeans. Starburst jellybeans to be exact.

    1. Thank you! I had so much fun putting this booth together! :D Lovin' my new display pieces!

      Those jelly beans are yummy - my son loves them! :D



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