Apr 5, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 4.5.13

Yay for Friday! It's a gorgeous day here, almost seventy degrees with birds chirping and the smell of grass in the air! It's a wonderful day!

This week I have some super cute fan photos to share with you! Let's start with Tracy from MO! She ordered some stuffed monsters for her kids for Easter! She adopted Katybob and Gio and it looks like they are very loved in their new home!!!

Next up I have some photos from Melanie, also from MO! She adopted this Mon-stor at Zeleny for her daughter, Violet! :) How cute is she!? Love seeing the process of her getting to know her Mon-stor! 

So much cute all in one place!!! Do you have a Mon-stor or stuffed monster from Lu & Ed? Shoot me some action shots to be featured on Fan Mail Friday! I love to see and share fan photos! That is what makes this 'job' so great - seeing how much kids enjoy my Mon-stors! Email me at luandedcreations@yahoo.com!

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