Apr 6, 2013

Three Year Envyversary Celebration!

I just can't believe that as of April 10th, 2013 I will be celebrating three awesome years selling on Storenvy.com!

The past year years have been magnificent thanks to Storenvy - I have grown as a person, and a Lu & Ed has grown as a brand. I have made amazing friends and connections through the Storenvy community and have received incredible support from the staff at Storenvy.com as well! They are so good to their users and are always providing them with new tools and resources to help them grow! You can read my most recent rant about them here. :) I don't think I could ever have enough awesome things to say about Storenvy.com!

Storenvy.com is still a fairly new venue, having only been around since 2008, so it's obviously not as well known as other shopping sites  - but this week, we're changing that! I've pulled together 17 rocking Storenvy shops (plus mine) to offer one lucky winner a line up of over $250 worth of great prizes that will get you obsessed with Storenvy.com!

You can view all of the prizes here.  
(didn't want to choke this post with photos there is a LOT of them!)

Ready to win?

First up - you'll need to sign up for Storenvy.com to earn the majority of these entries, so click over and sign up - the process takes less than one minute. After you sign up, whenever you are logged into Storenvy.com a collection of products that cater to your likes, interests and tastes will be delivered to the homepage. You select the content delivered to your home page by Watching a shop and Following users.

Now, let's get down to winning some stuff! Contest is open from 12AM EST 4/7 to 12AM CST 4/13. One lucky winner will reap all the prizes, selected at random by Rafflecopter! Entries can be earned many ways, utilizing Storenvy.com and social media.

Entries can be earned by Watching a shop. Watching a shop delivers new products from that shop straight to your homepage so you never miss the release of a new product! This can be done two ways, one from the Marketplace store and one from the Custom store, so I have photo examples of both.

 Watching from a custom shop -
 Watching from a Marketplace shop -

Entries can also be earned by Envying a product. An Envy is basically "liking" the product. Your Envies will show up on your user profile and in the home page feed of anyone who follows you, allowing you the opportunity to start trends and become a popular user on Storenvy.com! There are three ways to Envy a product:

From a Custom store -

From a Marketplace store -

From a Product Page -

And that's that! How simple is that?! Below, you can put in your entries! Please Watch all of the giveaway sponsors and each day, earn an additional entry by Envying products from their Storenvy.com shops! You can also earn entries by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and a few more by following on Pinterest, & Bloglovin AND by sharing the giveaway via Facebook and Twitter! The more entries you earn, the better your chance of winning all of these epic prizes!

Good luck, everyone! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love Storenvy.com!

    Great platform for sellers and easy to use site for those looking to buy great products

  2. Holy moly that was a lot of clicking! How exciting, there is so much awesomeness on Store Envy! XD

  3. As a buyer I love it because it's really easy to use. The stores that I've visited on it have all been very user friendly, had good item categories and nice-sized pics.

  4. What an amazing contest! I just love all these creative people :)

  5. Wow, what a very generous contest! So very neat :) Good luck to all who are entering!

  6. I love Storenvy! So happy that I found it to make my store! It is so easy to use as a seller and a buyer.

  7. This is an incredible giveaway! So many unique and fun things!

    This is my first experience with Storenvy! So far, so Great!

  8. I love storenvy! The platform is so easy to follow. The over all experience is enjoyable. One can loose hours scrolling through all the amazing shops!

  9. Storenvy is such a great platform. I can't say enough good things about it or Cody (Lu & Ed) who helps to make it so great. She should seriously get paid for that level of awesome. Do you hear me, Storenvy?? ;)

  10. Love Storenvy, I sell on there too. It's the most organized out of any selling site!

  11. i am loving storenvy, has so many great crafters in once place!

  12. We love Storenvy in this house! I've found so many amazing handmade shops!!!

  13. I love it. So many fun things available!

  14. This giveaway is off the hook! A big thank you to all of the sponsors and Storenvy, and a HUGE thank you to Cody for organizing it all. 3 years - so PROUD of you!

  15. This is so awesome ! Good luck to all and Congrats again Cody !



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