Apr 22, 2013

Week by Week - Week 16

Happy Monday, friends! How was your weekend?

I took all day yesterday off after a crazy busy week preparing for Pieces of Light Autism Festival! There were many 12 hour sewing days last week - If you remember last Monday, I had zero completed Mon-stors. This is what I made between then and Friday morning. Some of these are available on luanded.com now too!

Whew! It was a lot of work to prepare for this show after selling out the week before during my Envyversary! ♥ It was worth it though! It was a great show, super duper busy! Here are some pictures of my booth! 

Front shot! :D
Coloring table!

Side shot! :D

My son painted this sign in the kids craft area and wrote all my prices on it. ♥
My son and I repping Storenvy.com in our SE tees!

 It was a really good week! Very busy though! Taking it a bit slow today and working on listing the Mon-stors that didn't sell! :) 

Which is your favorite of the new Mon-stors?


  1. I really love your booth set up. its cute, unique, and eye catching. I hope that we can make it to the event next time!

  2. I love your booth! Gives me some ideas for an event I have in May. :)

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your booth!



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