May 14, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 19

This is a day late because I ended up taking yesterday off. It was a beautiful day, I was feeling kinda tired... So I unplugged from the 'net for the day, watched some TV, did some alterations on thrift store finds, poked around in the garden, enjoyed the sunshine... It was a wonderful day off and I am back in the studio feeling excited, refreshed and eager to work! I think so often we artists with home businesses forget to unplug and really take a off - but it's so important to both mental and physical well-being so you don't get over tired and burned out! When was the last time YOU took a day entirely off from your indie biz?

Also, how was your Mother's Day!? What did your sweet children gift you this year? Tell me all about it in the comments! :D Mine was supremely wonderful!! My son wrote me a letter telling me he would always love me, and that I was more beautiful than the stars. He also wrote "thank you for making monsters" in the letter too! ♥ His gift to me was a potpourri mason jar, filled with sweet smelling potpourri and little bits of paper he wrote sweets messages on so when I miss him, all I need to do is pull one out. Awww! How cute is that!? They made them at school, what a thoughtful gift!

Earlier this week, I did some more super secret running around (Gah, I cannot WAIT to spill the beans!!!) and we did more gardening! We planted lettuce, broccoli and bean seeds, habanero, marigolds and a blue berry bush (now we need to buy another so they can cross pollinate and actually make berries!). We started a container garden on the deck with most of that.We have a small raise bed with kale, squash, strawberries, purple peppers, and jalepenos!  I am so excited to produce our own food! I grew up with a huge heirloom garden and I didn't realize until recently how much I missed gardening! I want to start an herb container garden too - we are going a bit each week together as a family, it's really fun! G loves to help water and weed (we'll see how long that lasts!). :)

Sewing wise, beautiful weather distracted me a bit this week! I have done way more cutting out than actual sewing, but here are the three monsters from this week! :D Check my shop for availability!

 And now, here I am, enjoying a beautiful Tuesday with the windows wide open, about to fill a box with stuffed monsters to send to my aunt's kidney fundraiser event - If you are in Columbia, SC the 18th, please stop by and show your support! It would mean so much to me!! Here is the Facebook event page! They will have a DJ, face painting, entertainment, raffles, a yard sale, artist alley and more!

And that's all I got, folks! Back to work for this monster maker! Happy Tuesday!!

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