May 20, 2013

2013 Week by Week Week 20!

I have had a super, duper exciting week! I cannot wait to share the details with all of you! Right now, it's hush hush. If I learned anything last year during the attempt to move halfway across the country fiasco, it's don't count your eggs before they hatch, or more appropriately, don't share wonderful possibilities until they are a marvelous reality! :)

But I can tell you, I have had a great, exciting, productive week! Thanks to you guys, Lu & Ed reached a HUGE milestone on Tuesday! 400 sales on! EEEEEK! All thanks to you beautiful people! A huge thanks to all of you who have adopted Mon-stors, shared my shop, and supported me over the past three years!

This week was also filled with lots of good food, friends and family! :) Many jokes and much laughter. ♥

Some of our good friends over for game night! :) Halo, Mario Kart and Battle Ship!
I spent a lot of time in the studio this week! I have over a dozen Mon-stors and plush cut out and sewn that just need faces that I will be working on this week for my shop! Here are the ones I finished + listed lastweek! You can see more photos of them in my shop! :)

Aside from sewing, I have a new found passion - gardening!  On Mother's Day we planted some pepper plants in our tiny raise bed with our squash and strawberries and kale. On our deck we set up a little container garden from seeds with broccoli, beans and a blueberry bush (we have to pick up a second one so they produce berries!). And wow, our seeds sprouted so fast - If you follow me on Instagram,  you have probably already seen the crazy amount of  pictures I'm posting of my sproutlings! I'm obsessed, I check them every few hours! 

Broccoli just four days after being planted. Two hours before this pic there was just one sprout!
Bean sprout just 5 days after being planted!
Bean sprouts just 6 days after being planted!

I am so thrilled with how well our tiny garden is thriving! I can't wait for our first harvest, it is going to reduce our grocery bill so much. Which brings me to something I've been wanting to share for a while, but haven't had time to write it all up. So here's the short version!

Since March, I've been on a very healthy diet due to painful ovarian cysts. I did some research and I dropped coffee out of my life and replaced it with delicious fruit smoothies made with spinach and almond or soy milk. I started eating loads of spinach, broccoli, cauliflower and kale, legumes, fresh fruits and veggies and replaced our milk brand with all organic free range milk and boxed dinners with grilled or roasted veggies or salads, and other small delicious changes, like instead of the standard stack of mayo, pickles, and lettuce on my (vegetarian) burgers, I put ranch, spinach, and cucumbers - so delicious, so nutritious! - and instead of fries we eat carrot slices or grilled vegetables! And you know what? 

I don't have painful ovarian cysts any more, after just two months on a healthful diet. It's amazing. I feel GREAT. And ever since I removed coffee from my life, I have SO much more energy. So much I had to start exercising daily, otherwise I couldn't sleep well at night with all that excess energy at the end of a day! My body feels great, my mind is more creatively charged than ever, I wake up and am just excited for the day - no hazy stumbling to the kitchen for coffee, no groggy mornings, no need for anything other than waking up to get my day started. I wake up and my mind is awake, alert, and active!

It's seriously so awesome what a few simple things can do for your mind and body. If you are looking to take control of your health, ditching coffee is the first thing I would recommend doing. I have been drinking it for 20 years, but I stopped cold turkey. I replaced it with water and smoothies with energizing fruits and veggies packed with nutrients and never suffered caffeine withdrawal headaches. You just have to make that choice to start making better choices. Once you make that choice, it only gets easier and you find yourself making more and more healthy choices! :D

Anyway, sorry for the health rant! :) I just get really excited with how marvelous my body feels after making some simple changes, and I want everyone to be able to feel like this. :)

Here's to a great, healthy, beautiful, sunshiney week! :) Happy Monday!  Keep your peepers on my Facebook page for pictures of new Mon-stors!


  1. I'm glad you're feeling so much better! I gave up gluten this year and it has made HUGE changes. More energy, less inflation -- just happier! :) Cheers!

    1. That is great!!! I have several friends who live gluten-free. I hear incredible things about gluten free lifestyles! :)



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