Sep 16, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 37

Happy Monday and welcome to another monstrous weekly recap!

I have been unusually busy this week. I took on a job, recording daily sales for an individual. It's only about 30 minutes a day, each morning, but it's still a bit of a schedule adjustment to get used to! It's really fun work and I enjoy it a lot, and I get to learn so much about new markets in the process! Very fun, and I feel so thankful and blessed this opportunity fell into my lap the way it did! ♥

When not crunching numbers this week I have been soaking up the last few warm days of summer with my family, because the next few weeks will be really busy! I will be vending at MommyCon KC in October (eeek!!) and I am going to be working over time to build stock for it! So in the next few weeks, while every Mon-stor I post a picture of may not end up in my online shop, I will be doing my best to keep my online shop stocked up while I prep for MommyCon! If you are in the KC area and are attending, let me know! I would love to see you there and get a picture with you! Also, Cari from The Mollie Shop will be there as my booth partner! EEK! It's going to be a flipping awesome event, I can't wait!

Ahem. All the joyful shrieking aside, here is a photo recap of all the monsters I have made this week! As always, check the shop for availability!

Now I'm off to eat (a very late) lunch then it's back to cutting out monsters! :) Here's to a fab week!

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