Sep 24, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 38

Wow, Monday just came and went and I barely noticed. Last week was a loooooooooong week for me.

I have been helping the neighbors renovate and update the house next door so they can list it for sale. I've spent over 20 hours over there painting & doing yard work last week. I have loved getting to know Laura, though, she is so fun to work with! This renovation has been very stressful for them and we are in the final stretch, just a few more wee things to do and then the house will be listed for sale. I hope my new neighbors are just as awesome as Laura and Harold!

On top of the 20 hours I spent next door working, I spent 10 hours on my new job recording sales, and about 40 hours in my studio last week working on Lu & Ed stuff and the Monster Makeover art exhibit project. I'm turning this drawing:

Into a plush version. Here is a shot from yesterday:

At first I was saying to myself, wow, this monster has a lot of eyes (fourteen)! But now I am saying holy moly, this monster has a LOT of eyelashes (forty-five). I have almost all the eyelashes on the right hand side sewn on, since I took this shot yesterday. Yeah. It's a very slooooow process, hand sewing is my weak point as a seamstress.

But despite the finger cramps and eye crossing from hand sewing, I am still so excited by this project! Riley, the artist who drew the monster, has such a great imagination and I cannot wait to ship this bad beast off to the Monster Makeover art exhibit where he will be auctioned off! Proceeds will go to the Tuscaloosa public schools art education programs, which is a pretty stellar cause! :)

Oh! And I baby sat from Friday through Monday! That was fun, we had a blast - the little kids even helped me do some landscaping and we found "treasure" (a plastic bead necklace buried in the dirt)! 

So yeah.. Last week a loooong week. I haven't slept much. My eyes are twitchy and my shoulders ache from painting. But you know what? It was a fantabulous week. I love manual labor, I love painting, I love helping, and I love my job. I had a really, really great week and I hope YOU did too! :)

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