Sep 27, 2013

Fan Mail Friday 9.27.13

Happy Friday! These pictures of Presrot in his new home from Zeide of Pelhuaz made my week! He lives in Puerto Rico now - fancy! Check out these pictures of Presrot with his new buddy.  ♥

Meeting his new best friend for the first time!

Aw! She drew a picture of them together! SO SWEET!

Presrot even accompanied his new buddy to the dentist.

He matches the dentist chair!
I love seeing my monsters being enjoyed! If you have some fan photos hit me up - tweet 'em, Facebook 'em, or email 'em! I 'd love to see!


  1. Awww. Adorable. Thanks for sharing. My Princess and Presrot are having a great time together. Sending my love your way!



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