Sep 14, 2013

Think Happy, Be Happy, and other sentiments.

I love this Think Happy, Be Happy tee from Nihila and cannot wait to order mine.

I saw this amigurumi Ukulele by Craftypodes being shared like crazy on Twitter this week and feel like it fits into the Be Happy theme this week. That, and it's a crocheted ukulele. Hello, awesome. Every time I saw it on Twitter "Somewhere over the rainbow" started playing in my head.

And also keeping in the Be Happy theme, you know what always makes kids happy? Using their imagination. You know I'm right. They may fuss when you remove their electronics (kids these days, sigh) but after a few hours of relying on their imagination for entertainment they are so full of happy it spills out in giggles and shrieks. And with holidays coming up (Halloween and Christmas!) add some magic to your kid's life with a wand from Gipson Wands. My son has one and he goes from bored to magician in 2.5. Keep the magic of childhood alive. 

And that is today's happy round up. What products make you happy? Share a link to a Storenvy product that puts a smile on your face in the comments! (Please don't share a link to a product from your own store).
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  1. ♥♥ your linkups! I need to save up for that shirt too!! Very awesome!

  2. This red panda by mohu makes me smile

  3. Samson the Lion and over thr rainbow owl are my friends!

  4. Thank you!! I shared the dragon and Chevron Dress!!

  5. LOVED and shared the Uke and Wand! Thanks Cody! BIG <3 from Patroozie's



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