Oct 7, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 40

Brr! It was so cold I could see my breath this morning! Fall has arrived and I am loving it! It's been a fun week!

First... Are you in Tuscaloosa? You can pop by the Monster Makeover art exhibit to check out my piece I submitted! The show is open from the 7th-24th. If you aren't local, here's a refresher of the piece I did! :) I had elaborate plans to hang it on a picture frame with stretched blue fabric behind it, but ran out of time with all the work I did helping my neighbors renovate their house. I still love the monster and hope Riley, the artist behind the monster drawing, adores it!

This week I also finished up last month's winner from the monster drawing contest on my Facebook page (every month from the 1st-7th you can submit your child's monster drawing for a shot at having it turned into a plush on my FB page!) and I love how it turned out! Ran out of grey so the left guy isn't as wide as he coulda been but the artist Ethan adores 'em!

What do you think? Did I do Ethan's artwork justice? ;)

This week I also started in on some new merch for the store that I have been trying to add back in since I think around March, but didn't have time. Gadget Monsters! I will be making them in various sizes, using my fiance's Galaxy S3, my iPhone 3GS and a Nitendo DS for size gauges. I will include approximate internal sizes in the listings of course. These dudes are also great for carrying your business cards around in, too!

Hoping to get about a half dozen of these cuties listed today! :)

And off I go to work on that! ;) Happy Monday, friends!

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