Oct 28, 2013

Just for you.

Just for you.

That's what today's prompt is. And it just so happens, a Botjoy Unplugged Bot I ordered just for me arrived today! Giomia is greeting this curious creature in the photo as I read the monsters his "manual":

To activate:
1. Keep your Bot close by: on your desk, in your pocket, at your kitchen counter.

2. When your Bot sees that you are spending too much time in front of your electronic devices it will tell you to slowly step away from the screen and re-engage with the real world.

3. Loan your Bot to friends and instantly see them remember your name, give you a hug, and actually have a real conversation with you.

Pretty neat, huh? I put him on the shelf right above my computer - just as a gentle reminder that there are better ways to spend my time than glued to a screen.

We all need that reminder from time to time, eh? 

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