Oct 12, 2013

Red and yellow, brown and green!

Leaves are starting to change color here! I am loving the misty mornings and damp Earth and scuttling squirrels and bunnies, the Halloween decorations going up all around up, pumpkins and hay bales.

This is the first year we have ever decorated for Halloween, and I am so excited every time I peep out the window and see our decorations!

I'm carrying that excitement over to this Storenvy Saturday and posting even more fab fall finds from last week's collection! :)

I adore this sunburst necklace by Sweet Mayhem Boutique. The colors are perfect for Fall!

For the littles, Violet's Buds has a ton of adorable Autumn inspired hair accessories but this one she shared in last week's collection is perfect for a Fall photo shoot!

Squshies has a ton of Woodland Creatures that are perfect for Fall but Ignacio the Chipmunk she shared last week reminds me of the squirrels that scuttle around our yard all day.

This will be our first year cooking a big Thanksgiving dinner so of course I have to share the Thanksgiving peg people set for toddlers from Landon's Toy Box!

What do you look forward to the most in the Fall - Halloween, Thanksgiving, or pumpkin spice lattes?


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  1. I enjoy Halloween, the changing leaves, and salted caramel mochas :-) Thanks for featuring my clip!

  2. This is my first year really getting into Fall. I'm a Summer person (being from FL), because we don't really have Fall here! lol. Thanks for featuring my Sunburst necklace. :)



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