Nov 19, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Week 46

Last week was a wicked busy week! I was babysitting the darling kids, and squeezing in sewing when I could. I mostly worked on Tooth Mon-stors - I am hoping to release them sometime this week, just working on finalizing some design elements for their packaging before I list them! Here's a peek at the ones I have finished - I have a total of sixteen ready to list with another four cut out on my table! :)

As you can see they are all different sizes (between 4"x5" & 6"x6"). They are all made from tiny scraps of cotton that I have used to line Mon-stors, gifted fabric scraps and bits of clothing that are unusable, which accounts for the variation in sizes. I am really excited about this new line of monsters and can't wait to get them listed! Working on sewing up the last few today, design elements and printing tomorrow, then hopefully listing them by the week! Be sure to keep your peepers peeled on Facebook so you don't miss their launch!

Other than those cuties, I cut out some Mon-stors and plush, and whipped these guys up this weekend.

Whew! As you can, I've been super busy trying to get caught up & restocked before the big Cyber Monday sale!

Speaking of - have you checked out the master list with all 50+ participating shops and mapped out your purchases yet? I keep adding things to my list, gaaaah! There is so many awesome shops participating - I think I may actually finish all of my holiday shopping on Cyber Monday! :)

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