Dec 9, 2013

2013 Week 48 & 49

Well, November and the beginning of December have been bustling and busy! I haven't even had time for #fmsphotoday prompts or my weekly week racaps.

I spent all of week 48 prepping for week 49 - the week of the big #StorenvyFlash30 sale I planned. Did you buy anything during that massive, 50+ shop Cyber Monday sale!? Every thing in my shop and all other participating shops was 30% off. It was nuts! I bought sooooo much stuff, almost finished up all my holiday shopping in a single day - and supported handmade and indie small businesses in the process!

Oh, I also spent some of week 48 celebrating my 28th birthday! :D I got a brand spanking new camera for my b-day and whoa. Can we just say MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT in my product photos?! It's kinda ridiculous.

Cyber Monday was a smashing success, with over 20 orders and almost 40 monsters being adopted! Thank you all for your support during the #StorenvyFlash30 sale -  to everyone who made monster adoptions AND a huge thanks to everyone who shared the sale with your friends! I'm sorry the site had issues that day - I heard many sites were experiencing server over loads on Cyber Monday, and it looks like Storenvy was one of them! That was unfortunately out of my hands, but I do apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone who kept trying the site to purchase from the #StorenvyFlash30 sale!

Here are pictures of the items from the past two weeks - some were completed the week prior but I didn't post photos of them anywhere until they were listed. I was hustlin' and still didn't get as much completed as I would have liked. But all ya can do is all ya can do, right? (I'm not going to enlarge all of these photos, because there is a TON to scroll through!)

As always, check availability at!

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