Dec 23, 2013

2013 Week by Week - Weeks 50 & 51

Whoa, December. Slow down. I sat down to blog, thinking I was caught up on my week by week posts but see I missed yet another week! Where has this month gone?! It is speeding by!

I spent week 50 scrambling to wrap up things in my shop for 2013, shipping the last of orders so they could arrive in time for Christmas, and wrapping up loose ends. I finished the last Monster Drawing to Monster Plush contest winner's monster...

And then I whipped up these two for Trace's aunt. :) They are gifts for cousins in CT - her kids drew them just for their cousin! ♥

Since Thursday, Dec. 19th I have been blissfully NOT busy. Each year I take off from around December 20th until February. I invest my energy in my home, family and friends and love this time with them!

I will start working on stock for my shop in January, as well as products for a swap subscription box service! I can't wait to tell you more about that. :) But until Feb, while I will be working, I won't be listing a ton of what I make. Tucking it back for events and next holiday season since I couldn't keep up with inventory this holiday season! A beautiful, though chaotic, problem I was so blessed to have! ♥ Thank you to everyone who adopted a monster this holiday season!! You guys rock!

Oh! This week my son also had testing in karate - he did fabulous and is moving up to a green belt! So proud of my little dude! He looks pretty proud of himself right after testing, too. ;)

Sunday morning, we woke up to beautiful snow! ♥ We only got about four or five inches but it's supposed to be in the 20's all week so looks like we shall have a White Christmas after all! ♥

Pardon the poor cell phone picture!

How has your December been?


  1. Crazy like yours! I had a convention in mid-December in addition to working on custom orders and listing new products. I'm so excited for 2014! :D

  2. I think its great you take time off for family! My December was pretty awesome and there are still some awesome bits left I'm sure. I hope you have a great holiday!



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