Dec 21, 2013

Fan Mail Friday (on a Saturday, whoops!)

I had this scheduled to publish yesterday but for some reason it didn't autopublish! So, enjoy today's fan mail Saturday post! ♥

Today I am sharing some fan photos from Heather in TX! Her daughter has a monster trick or treat and was also the winner of October's monster drawing contest!

Here is her daughter on Halloween! How precious is her Tinkerbell costume!?

 I love that her mom tucked her monster into bed with her so it would be the first thing she saw when she woke up! ♥ So sweet!

And here her monster is, getting into some mischief! Haha! Love this - next year, maybe monsters will be taking the place of Elf on the Shelf? ;)

I love getting fan photos - feel free to post your fan photos on my Facebook wall or message them to me via my page, or email them to! ♥

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