Jan 28, 2014

2014 Weeks 3 & 4 - Vacation isn't as fun when you're sick.

I didn't update last week because I was sick all week, and here I am, still sick. I haven't made hardly anything (don't want to contaminate the monsters!) so I've mostly been bumming around on the internet and just resting up. I went to the doctor last night after trying every natural remedy in the book with no relief, and found out I have a gnarly sinus infection, which clogged my sinuses so bad that the infection moved up to my eyes, causing dual conjunctivitis and the beginnings of dual ear infections. O.O

I did sneak in the studio this weekend when I was feeling slightly human, and make one mini stuffed monster & add hair to the other five. After another day on the antibiotics I need to scrub up and get in there and finish the them and ship them off to my friend - they are gifts for the little girls who model dresses for her. ♥

I also write a post last week that was published on Daft Crafts and Oh My! Handmade, about my recent experience with an internet bully and how I beat the negativity with positivity and self love. ♥ It has been a really popular post and I am overwhelmed with love by all the positive comments I received after publishing it. Click either link above to read it & print out your own self love worksheet. ♥

I also put together and released the #creativedaily prompts for February! It's sized for Instagram so feel free to save and share it! :D Spread the creative love!

That's really all I have to share today. It's been a very lazy two weeks, mostly spent on the couch resting up so I will be all healthy and well when we head up north to visit my bestie Cari from The Mollie Shop this weekend! EEEK! :D I am so excited, I have never been up north to Chicago. ♥ Ever been? Anything you think we MUST see or do while we are there? Tell me in the comments. :)

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