Jan 24, 2014

Fan Mail Friday 1.24.14

Happy Friday friends! This is a combo post, because my fan mail post from last week didn't publish for some reason! So this week you get double the cuteness! ♥

Here is my friend Magda's son with his monster I made him from his drawing! ♥ LOVE seeing this. That was such an intense and fun project and I just love how it turned out, and that it is loved so by it's designer! ♥ 

From Amanda in NE, here is her adorable son with HIS monster he designed! This was an equally intense project - over 18 hours of hand sewing involved! - but I just love how it turned out and it looks like his designer is pretty pleased too!

From Lauren in AR, we have a sassy sweetie and her new Mon-stor, Kiti! Aren't they the purr-fect pair? I love that she is wearing her hair clip by Violet's Buds that was tucked in the swag bag with her Mon-stor! ♥

And from Shawna in TX, her super adorable daughter with her new monster friend! So precious!

Check out Shawna's daughter's reaction to meeting her Mon-stor in this video - so cute!

I love seeing Mon-stors & monster products I make being loved in their new homes! Please feel free to send me photos of your Lu & Ed products being loved, either through email or my Facebook page. ♥

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