Jan 3, 2014

Fan Mail Friday 1.3.2014

Starting 2014 off flipping through fan photos and grinning from ear to ear, reflecting on what a great year it was and how many cuties are cuddling with monsters and keeping toys tidy with their Mon-stors this year!

This cute monster is on the adventure of her lifetime, traveling to Texas from Montana! Yeehaw! Thanks for the picture, Sarah! 

Love the big smiles in this picture!
Here are some sweet pictures from Rachel in VA of her kiddos playing with their new monsters they received for Christmas. ♥ 

So. Flipping. Cute!

Would you look at the excitement on his face?! I love it!!!

The smiles on these cute kiddo's faces make me love my job so much. I love creating toys that bring joy to children and make a positive impact on the environment! Here's to a happy, colorful, monstrously awesome 2014!

I hope you all enjoy the first weekend of the year, I know I will be!

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