Jan 7, 2014


Today's #creativedaily prompt is package. The timing worked out perfectly - I was bustling around in my robe this morning preparing packages from the first orders of the year to go out this afternoon! :) I gotta say, so glad today is a "too cold to send kids to school" day so I can spend the day playing board games with my son, making memories. Maybe sewing a bit. I love January. I love the newness and the peace of moving a bit slower while I'm on "vacation". A bit of me is itching to get back into a 9am-4pm schedule but I am forcing myself to enjoy my break and soak up all the rest & family time I can before my "vacation" is over on February 1st. 


  1. congrats on your creative daily photo challenge being on oh my handmade!!! I'd love to get my hands on that storenvy tape to help promote them with my packages as well. can I ask where or how you got it?

    1. Jennifer, thanks!! About the tape, they sent it to me! Keep an eye on their FB page, they mentioned there being a way to get your hands on some soon that they would be posting there! :)

  2. Cool! thank you Cody I'll keep my eye out!! Can't wait to see more of your photo challenge ;)



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