Feb 26, 2014

#creativedaily prompts for March!

On January 1st I released a photo challenge geared specifically towards makers & creatives called #CreativeDaily. The challenge gives creative business owners a raw, human face - it shows the moments, methods and memories that each maker is made from.

I am super excited to release March's prompts for #creativedaily! Join in by snapping a photo that correlates with the dated prompted (IE, March 1st is relaxing) and post it to any social media site and tag it with the hashtag #creativedaily. You can share via Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, etc - just be sure to use the hashtag to connect with the creative community sharing their stories & life through #creativedaily!

Help spread the word about #creativedaily! This image is sized perfectly for Instagram - do download on mobile click the photo, then hold your finger down on the image. An option to save the photo will come up. Then post to IG or social media from from camera roll! :)

Cannot wait to see what everyone's posts for March's prompts!

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