Feb 22, 2014

Team work

Today was a great example of team work - I had a great day with my tribe as Kelly taught Melanie and I tons of garment sewing tricks, but as our craft date was wrapping up & my buddies were about to head home, Melanie's car wouldn't start! So Kelly, Trace and I were in the street pushing her car to try to get it going with a little momentum and piddling under her hood to figure out the problem - which we never did, but with a little team work we somehow got it running and she made it home safely, thank goodness! ♥

Peek at the Mon-stor I made today! I'm calling him Duohorn. :)  New listings should be hitting the shop in the next day or two!

1 comment:

  1. Teamwork was the appropriate prompt for today, that's for sure!



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