Feb 18, 2014


Just got back from the doc - they have pretty much ruled out Kawasaki disease! They want to see him again in a few weeks to check his heart just in case. They think it was a harsh viral infection combined with strep throat and scarlet fever that gave it the Kawasaki symptoms, but to be sure I have I take him back in a few weeks to have his heart checked to completely rule out Kawasaki. He got the clear to head back to school tomorrow and resume normal activities, yay!! 

Oh, and I loooooove the texture of G's new Three Little Numbers I Wake Up Awesome tee that was waiting on the doorstep when we got home!! ❤️ SO excited to have found a kid's indie fashion line that makes clothing bigger than a 5T! 


  1. I'm so glad the reevaluation came back good! I really want that tee for myself too!

    1. They just added adult sizes - I think I need one! ♥



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